Colour Analysis

Learning what colours work best on you allows you to look more put together, shop smarter and create a wardrobe that multitasks effortlessly. A full colour analysis will give you the tools to walk into any store and immediately hone in on the colours that work for you, and those you should avoid. You'll even be able to confidently choose natural looking hair colours and make up. The colour analysis starts with a brief education on colour and an overview of the 4 main colour seasons. We'll establish your undertone, and find all the colours that flatter your skin-tones using large pieces of fabric in a variety colours and tones. You'll immediately see the difference between colours that are just "okay", your season's "wow" colours and colours to stay away from. After the analysis, you'll receive a swatch of your preferred colours that you can use to edit your own closet, and take with you on future shopping endeavors.

Fashion clothing and style as Celebrity stars

Stars always try to choose fashionable and beautiful clothes, because even outside of social events, their stylization is under the constant sight of paparazzi cameras. Today we will try to study the star style, look at street fashion celebrities, images in a sporty style, as well as trendy options for the red carpet. We always follow the latest trends and news of celebrities, their style of clothing.

Wardrobe Analysis Organizing Add-On

As stylists, we know that hair and make-up are an important aspect of your personal style! But which direction to head into? Salons and make-up studios can be intimidating and overwhelming. Luckily, our stylists have done their homework about the best hair and make-up professionals in Boston. In this package, your Stilista stylist will meet with you for a 30-minute hair and make-up consult, where you will discuss your current routine, your lifestyle, and your ideas. Your Stilista stylist will recommend the most flattering hair and make-up solution that fits into the demands of your every day life. You will then be escorted to hair and make-up professionals that fit your budget, with your Stilista stylist on hand to make sure that all your questions are answered. You can opt for a hair consult with the hair stylist, or go for a consult, cut and style! Then, you'll be whisked away to your make-up lesson, during which you'll get new ideas and be taught how to recreate your new look at home. You can even get your eye brows shaped during the make-up lesson! Your Stilista stylist will take note of any important tips and strategies shared by your hair and make-up team and then send them to you by email. With Stilista taking care of setting up all the appointments and coordinating everything, you can truly just focus on being pampered and soaking in the new ideas!

Makeup consultation

An experienced specialist will study the condition of the skin and give competent recommendations for ideal skin care. Only a professional in their field can help every woman find her unique image. The uniqueness of the tips received is that they will be based on the client's personal cosmetics. Thus, there is no need to immediately run to the store and spend a lot of money to purchase a new Arsenal of cosmetics.

Selection of clothing by horoscope.

Are you interested in astrology and follow the advice of various horoscopes? – In this case, now is the best time to inspect your own wardrobe and find out which clothes are suitable for you according to the zodiac sign, and which clothes are better to refuse. Astrology says that there is an inextricable link between the signs of the zodiac and fashion. Listen to the advice of the stars – and luck will definitely smile on you!